We provide innovative solutions for the Internet of Energy.

We offer an easy Energy Internet Platform for a more balanced energy consumption.


Encored offers the leading cloud-based energy big-data platform with breakthrough analytics and disaggregation technologies.

As a group of data scientists, energy experts, mathematicians, statisticians, psychologists, and computer scientists, our mission is to provide a meaningful contribution to society and environment by enabling an enriched lifestyle with smart energy consumption. By providing insightful information on energy usage that makes the invisible visible, we help energy consumers, from residential to commercial, discover opportunities for energy savings and energy efficient operations to make informed decisions.

Backed by Silicon Valley VCs, Encored was founded in 2013 and has been operating in Korea with successful track records of helping customers save energy and lower operational costs. With industry-leading partners, we are now helping customers in the US and Japan to lower their energy costs while enjoying a comfortable and convenient lifestyle to its full extent.

Artificial Intelligence
Deep Learning Energy Breakdown (NILM)
Cloud Computing
Fog Computing Edge Computing
Internet of Things
Cognitive Embedded Hardware
Big Data Analytics
Algorithms Rule Engine
Integration with Utilities
Created in collaboration between utilities, ENCORED's suite of UX/UI and Analytics is designed for rapid implementation. ENCORED's platform is easily customized for the participating with a seamless adoption period that includes market evaluation and full IT implementation. We take ownership of a fully developed home energy management platform through through their existing infrastructure.
The Importance of Data
Utility interest in real-time data goes beyond grid management. Better processing of large amounts of data, eventually aided by machine learning and artificial intelligence, will help them to identify which programs might benefit an individual customer, market more effectively, even perform virtual audits. But balancing the distribution grid will be a key area of interest. Adding on EnerTalk & other sensors could provide more intelligent control and more granular insights.
EnerTalk is OpenADR certified
Customers & Partners